Are you looking for a  fried chicken kiosk in mall ? We have the best food kiosk design ideas to go.

Kiosk Fried Chicken Design

With the development of social economy, people’s living standards are gradually improving. People’s money bags have begun to increase, bringing about the development of all walks of life. One of which is a very important industry and the speed of development is particularly fast, that is, the snack food industry.

The rapid development of the snack food industry has made the variety and taste of snack foods more and more abundant, and people’s lives are inseparable from snack foods. As people’s tastes begin to rise, people pay more attention to the quality of food. For example, snacks foods are now widely welcomed. The snacks food stores around us have also begun to increase. So now open a snacks food kiosk to make money?

Street snacks kiosk

Snacks food kiosk design customize for you all as your requirements. Shenzhen Unique Furniture Ltd is a custom manufacturer in Shenzhen, China. We own a strong sales team and a professional design team. We can design a very good snacks food kiosk for you. Our company has more than ten years of experience in the food kiosk industry. And also our company is one of the first factories for food kiosk in Shenzhen. If you have any questions about the snacks food kiosk, welcome to inquiry!!!

The material of the snacks fried chicken food kiosk:

  • Basic material: MDF < Medium Density Fiberboard > or Plywood. ( For the food kiosk, we usually use the plywood as the basic material, but some unusual shape kiosk we will use MDF to make it ).
  • Surface finishing: baking paint or laminate ( Formica laminate or Diamond laminate both good ).
  • Countertop: Man-made stone or quartz stone.
  • Logo: 3 D Acrylic luminous logo & Stainless steel logo & Acrylic logo.
  • Glass: 8 mm tempered glass.
  • Others: stainless steel skirting ( 10 cm high ), same lock with key, LED strip light.

If you want to know more details, please feel free to contact me on Email: Thanks for your time to read!!!

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