8ft x 8ft beautiful hot dog kiosk design food booth with sink

One of my customer who placed the order of his own VR register counter and asked me whether we can recommend some designs of hot dog kiosks for him check or not? He wants to expand his business in the GGP shopping mall. Of course, we have done plenty of food kiosks, including hot dog kiosks.

He likes below hot dog kiosk very much! It looks great and not too big.

The size of this kiosk is 8ft x 8ft, we can design a new kiosk according to your exact dimension. The estimate quote of this food kiosk is about 6000USD. However, all of our price is not including the machines. Also, we suggest our customers buy them machines in local, in order to keep the same voltage as local city and maintenance in the future. Of course, we could help you purchase the machines that you have confirmed the details with machines suppliers. So that we will deliver all the cargoes together.

As usual, we do the countertop as man-made stone, however, you can see, it is the wood finished on the countertop and put the glass upon it. Put the glass on the working area, in order to protect the countertop and easy to clean. Also, it looks better and more high-end. The entrance door is a register counter, you can push it to enter and go out. Besides, the menu is lightbox, which it on the top of back counter.

As I mentioned to my customer if you want to get a similar one and submit to mall for approval. Then we need to charge you design fee 300USD. However, we will refund it to you when you place the order.  Yeah, we have the 3D design of this style, but yours will a little different with ours. So we have to redesign a new one for you, that is why we have to charge you design fee for it.

If any interest, please send us your requirements of kiosk freely!



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