As we all know , Starbucks is big coffee supply company . They have over 1000 shops and kiosk all over the world. You may easy find a cafe near by. So Starbucks is considered to the most popular coffee brand in beverage industry.  That make all the coffee kiosk design and coffee shop design more unique and classic.

Today share nice  coffee kiosk design for brand LIONS COFFEE . Here you may confuse. Are you talking about Starbucks coffee kiosk design. Why  the brand is for LIONS COFFEE. some of you may already got the answers. Yes, this is a mimic design from traditional Starbucks .

What’s advantage of this coffee bar design?

The Top of this  beverage kiosk is designed with solid timer . which come form the ideas of pirate boat.   with the strong frame holding up the roof.  Bottom display counter and operation area are quite simple and classic. So , you can adapt this kiosk design for food or juice. On the other hand. This design can also be used in any type of food counter serving or beverage juice bar.

However .  due to the inside working space limited . The mall kiosk design is not suitable for retail . want to check more design about our retail kiosk you can visit here (Retail kiosk design ) some people said this color is good for a candy kiosk design. But i do not agree. If you want to more candy kiosk design .You can visit (Candy kiosk for sale )

How to order a Starbucks coffee kiosk from Unique ?

1. Tell me your information regarding your kiosk,including shopping area size,logo, branding and what things you prepare to sell.

2. our designer will give you the 3D drawing plan in 3-5 days according to your request about the kiosk.

3 After the design finished ,if you find some place not acceptable ,our designer will  revise it freely.

4. After the design plan approved by you,we will give you CAD drawing plan, then manufacture it.

5,We can help you to buy some machines about the kiosk ,delivered together with your goods for saving your some time and money.

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