Some of the mall lease is bigger that will require you have a bigger coffee kiosk installed in it. The following coffee kiosk design are exact  design for this places. When you got a bigger size lease, You can not use all the places for coffee preparing or food serving. Some small table with nice seating will give a high score on this shop.

How to start a coffee kiosk business in mall ?

Coffee kiosk business is one of the most popular business threads in every shopping mall. So the competition is obviously hot . But there still some key issue that will help you get a coffee kiosk lease in mall.

Firstly , Prepare a nice and unique coffee kiosk design. On the end of this article i have write a threads about how to get a customized coffee kiosk design.

Secondly.  Find a local contractor or kiosk manufacturer who has good relationship with the mall manger. On the other hand, Get you kiosk build by mall manger appointed manufacturer.

Coffee kiosk business is quite different from other retail kiosk or corn kiosk business. If you are looking for a sweet corn kiosk or cup corn kiosk. You can visit here >>>(Corn kiosk design)

Step by step Teach you  to make a coffee kiosk design with customized size .

1: You need send me the floor plan of your store or mall kiosk location,or  tell me the size of store or kiosk,but floor plan will be better for us.

2: Let me know, the main color of kiosk store you want,or you can send me many pictures which could showing what color you want.

3 : You need to pay the design charge,but the design charge will be refunded to you when you order our display fixture such display showcase,cabinet,kiosk,counter ,and so on we building.

4 : After we received your design payment,our designers will make desgn with the software named  3dmax,AutoCAD .

5 :The initial design will be finished in 3-5 working days after receiving your payment and be sent to you for your approving .

6 :The design will be revised free for 3 times if you request .

7 :Design is approved by your mall.


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