Stainless steel unique cosmetic kiosk for shopping mall

The cosmetic industry has grown very fast, so that a large of cosmetic kiosks and cosmetic shops appeared. Although most people now like to shop online, there are also a large number of people like to go to physical stores to experience before buying. So do you also want to start a cosmetic business? If you don’t know how to start it, please follow with me to get some idea about the cosmetic kiosk.

Unique cosmetic kiosk design

The size of this cosmetic kiosk is 3 x 3 m, a square shape mall kiosk. From the front side of the cosmetic kiosk, it is a big lighted box and the top is the logo that can customize for you.  And the right side has a high glass display cabinet that can use to display the products. The main color of this cosmetic kiosk is black color, white color and golden stainless steel color.

The customer can choose any color you want for the cosmetic kiosk because we are a customize kiosk factory. So we can customize the cosmetic kiosk according to the size and color you want. You can also send us if you have the brand logo, then we can add it to the cosmetic kiosk for you.



The layout of the cosmetic kiosk

This is the 3d design for the layout of the cosmetic kiosk. In the middle of the cosmetic kiosk, it has a double side station for the make-up service. The customer can sit here and try the cosmetic products here. That is why need the physical cosmetic kiosk instead of the online shop.

You can go to the shopping mall cosmetic kiosk to try the cosmetic products you want. And then decide to buy it or not. This is the advantage of the physical cosmetic kiosk. On the two sides of the cosmetic kiosk, it has the glass display showcase then you can display some cosmetic products here. The customer can choose the cosmetic products here.



Details about the stainless steel

Nowadays, there are more and more kiosk materials on the market. Many people usually choose stainless steel as the material of furniture in order to prevent premature rust in the shopping mall kiosk. The main advantages of stainless steel are corrosion resistance or high-temperature resistance, general acid resistance medium. And heat resistance, high-temperature oxidation resistance (heat resistance not peeling) of high-temperature stainless steel. The disadvantage of stainless steel is mainly high cost, more expensive. In addition, stainless steel is not resistant to the corrosion of alkaline media. And the stainless steel material will let the whole kiosk look very high-end and luxury.


How to customize a new cosmetic kiosk?

For the customize cosmetic kiosk design, we will charge 300$ design deposit. You can send us the size, the color, the design you want and then we will make a new design for you. After you confirm the final 3d design and after we submit the construction drawings to the factory.

Production process

Firstly, we will do the wooden cabinet according to the construction drawings, like the size, and the material, and the socket place. We will reserve the place for the sockets and reserve the electric line. Second, the factory starts to polish the wooden cabinet. This step will make your kiosk more smooth, and the final effect will be more bright. After the polish, we will start to do baking paint. The baking paint divides two parts, one is for the 4 primers, another step is for 2 finishing coat. Finally, we will install the logo, light strip, sockets and glass for the display showcase.


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