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Now many people take care of their beauty, in particular the girls. For example me, I prefer to spend a lot of money to buy the skin-care products and cosmetic rather than eat food. Because the skin-care product can let me become beautiful, but the food can only let me become fat, haha! Do you think so?

So many people start their business for the skin-care products and do the spa service. When we are on holiday, we can go and have a spa to relax, that is not a bad idea, right? Here are some suggestions for you to start the skin-care kiosk business, let us check the 3d design of the spa kiosk first.

Customize skin-care display kiosk for the mall:

Size – 6200 x 3800 mm

Material – MDF with baking paint

Logo – 3D acrylic lighted logo

Lights – white led strip light, blue led strip light

Glass- 8mm tempered glass

Seating area – customized soft sofa

Others: mirror with light, lighted box, stainless steel toe kick, facial and massage bed ( we can offer to you or you buy yourself both ok ), all the drawers or cabinets have the same lock with key.



The top view of the spa kiosk:

This is a mall kiosk for display skin-care products and in the middle, it has a room for the spa service. We can see the top view from the 3d design of the spa kiosk, it has 4 small stations on 4 corners, this area can for the customer make up here because it has a mirror with light.

On the front of them it with the lighted box to put the poster then the people can know what products you sell. And also, on the side of the station, it has a small display stand for display the products. The kiosk on both sides has a seating area for the customer to wait and have a rest. Inside is the facial and massage bed for the spa service. On the wall, it has some display shelves can for you to put some tools and something. The entrance of the spa room has a curtain to protect the privacy of guests.

How to order a customize spa or cosmetic kiosk?

 First, if you want to start a sap kiosk business, you need to find a location first. It can be located in the shopping mall, or store and so on. You can find a good place and let us know the size of the location.

Then, the design deposit charge 300$ and then we will make a customize spa kiosk for you with your logo and size or any other requirement from you.

If you check the design not good, we will revise it for you and help you to get approval from the shopping mall.

After we finalize the final 3d design, we will start to make the construction drawing and send it to you for final confirmation.


How to do the installation of the spa kiosk?

Because the whole size of the spa kiosk is too big, so we cannot pack it in a whole set. So we will pack them one by one. For example, the mirror station, the small glass display stand and the seating area, we will pack divided. For the middle of the spa room, we will separate the wall and pack them divided.

When you receive the packages, please put them together and assemble them. We will leave the main wire comes from the mirror station. You can tell us the location of the main wire you want for convenient connections. We will install all the lights so you just need to connect the main wire to your mall power supply then the spa kiosk will work.

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