Special Perfume Display Kiosk Mall Perfume Display Booth

The perfume is popular by the young people and business men. To catch the business opportunity, you need one booth to sell the perfumes to customers. The fashion display kiosk can help you attract the customers to visit your products. In this way, you can have many customers and get many profits.

Delicate perfume display kiosk

The whole perfume kiosk color is pink, which is favorite color of the girls. The display kiosk has the floor to support the kiosk, and the floor is pink and the lines are luminous. The perfume has one hollow-out top, and its front and behind side hold the acrylic logo, then customers can see them. Besides, the advertisement words are around 4 sides.perfume display kiosk picture 1

There is one display stand with LED lights in the kiosk middle, and two display shelves is designed from top to floor. Each one display shelf has two light boxes, two layers and storage cabinets on inside part and outside part. The light boxes can show different advertisement posters to promo. The back side is one metal round sign for making the posters or hollow-out logo etc. One checkout counter is for you to put the computer and save the money.


The perfume display booth size is 3*3m. We can customize the diameter base on your ideas.

perfume kiosk size


These are the materials for each parts of the perfume display kiosk. You can learn about them clearly here. There are MDF, LED lights strips, spotlights, metal etc for the whole kiosk.

perfume kiosk material


You can see the production picture in the factory and the customer come to our factory to see the production progress. It is a good way for you to check the quality.

Customer feedback of perfume kiosk

These are the feedback pictures from customer. The real effect is the same as the 3D design we made. It is so beautiful and wonderful.

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