Elegant Perfume Display Kiosk Popular Mall Perfume Display Showcase

More and more people like to use perfume, it is easy for them to achieve noble and elegant life style. Perfume has become like eating, sleeping, dressing, makeup, life, work, study, leisure, even love, some people indispensable part, which add people’s color, enhance people’s taste. A wonderful perfume display kiosk can help you bring many customers.

High-end perfume display kiosk

The perfume display stand is very beautiful, it is combined black and golden these two colors, which match very well. There is one big cabinet at the entrance for storing the perfumes or other accessories. It is convenient for you to use widely. The perfume samples can be on the cabinet top for customers to smell. If they like the smell, they will buy relevant perfumes.perfume kiosk picture 1 Another side only two showcases at two ends, and their middle is the flat cabinets to put the perfumes too. The opposite of a doorway is glass showcase to show the expensive perfumes, and one end has two glass showcase to display products. The final side is one glass showcase.

Logo sign

The logo sign is near the entrance, and it is the acrylic luminous of the shop brand, and one light box to show the model who endorse the hot selling perfume, which is a way to make promotion.

Checkout counter

The checkout counter is black with the logo. Customers can pay for the perfumes at this area. One desk is in the kiosk middle for the staff to sit before the checkout counter.

Material of perfume kiosk

The material is MDF to make the wooden body, and tempered glass to make to showcases. Besides, the golden brush stainless steel to make the showcase frame and the kiosk toe-kicking. The LED light strip is installed at the toe-kicking to make it bright, it is so high-end.

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