Special Design Food Kiosk Cake Display Shelving in Spain

food kiosk

Will you try local special food when traveling? With the fast development of society, people spend time and money to experience and taste differnet food. It’s a good idea to open a food kiosk in the shopping mall. You can show products well and also promote brand themes to the public. Today, I’d like to share a special food kiosk with you.

Description of cake kiosk

This cake kiosk has a glass display cabinet, wall shelving, stairs display stand, dining table. You can use it to sell nuts, candies, cakes, bread, etc. Size 4m by 3m, good to use in the shopping center, food court, and events. The main tone is solid wood finishes with brown color decoration.

food boothFront area

The front area has a reception counter in the middle. It has a high-level wall to protect the cashier register. Purple decorations surrounded it, looks upscale and attractive. The right hand is a small work counter, which you can use to prepare food here.

Two sides

Near the work, the counter is a glass display counter with 2 layers of the display. It is a good place to show products. We can also add a light lamp to each layer to increase brightness. While another side is a long bar counter with chairs, clients can sit here. I am sure people will leave a deep impression.

food display stand Back area

The back area has a tall display shelving, when place items here, clients can view you from both the front and back areas. The middle area is the space for attaching brand signage. You can add lock cabinets under the display table. While behind is 2 layer stairs display.

If you want to increase the storage area, we can add drawers at the bottom. Besides, you can also change the color and layout of the kiosk to fit your business.

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