Customized fast food shop design wooden snack bar counter

Many people are under great pressure, they focus too much on work, they like to eat fast food to save time, also the fast food is convenient. Fast food is convenient, quick, don’t need cleaning after the meal. So if you want to start a food business, you can try the fast food business. 

The best location to start a fast food business is the place near the office building and factory. There are many single young people in these places, which are the main consumers of fast food. Below is a customized fast food shop design wooden snack bar counter, let us have a look together.



This is a fast food shop located in a shopping mall. The front is a long food counter with the entrance door on the left. On the countertop of the fast food shop counter, it has a display area for fast food with a glass cover. You can prepare some ready fast food here so that the customer can choose and order what they want.

On the right side is a cashier area. The top has a logo sign and hanging some pictures of the fast food. You can put the pictures of the price list or menu as you like.

On the back side is a work counter, also the window between the kitchen and staff. The material of the fast food counter is plywood with laminate and the countertop is white color man-made stone.



Before we make the fast food kiosk design, please send us the size or the floor plan of your location.

Our design team will make a new 3d model for the fast food kiosk. A customized fast food kiosk design service will charge a 300USD design deposit.

The design time will take 3-5 working days for a fast food kiosk.

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