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Nowadays, many people are optimistic about the pizza market and want to join in. This has also led to the emergence of a number of large and small pizza shops in many places across the country. And many of them are operating well, but there are still many poor businesses that even closed. What is the reason for this? In fact, it is the lack of professional knowledge and incomplete preliminary planning. So now I will analyze for you how to open a profitable pizza restaurant? What aspects need to be planned?

When choosing a site, pay attention to the location.

The location requirements for pizzerias are very high. Not only requires a large number of people, but also needs to choose some areas with relatively moderate consumption levels. And it needs to focus on places with a majority of young people. For some novices, they blindly pursue areas where rents are too cheap. However, because of the low level of consumption, the turnover is also relatively small. And it cannot be maintained at all.

The size of the scale we must consider.

No matter what the store is, there will be a standard, and the same is true for opening a pizzeria. Investment and need to comprehensively consider your own situation and the investigation of surrounding business districts. And then determine how many large-scale pizza shops you can open. In this way, both the early investment and the later operation will increase the profit of the pizza shop because of reasonable planning!


Calculate the cost of shop rentals.

When calculating the balance of profit and loss of a pizza shop. We generally need to calculate rent and labor expenses. If the rent is too high, the daily cost of the pizza shop will increase. So it is recommended that the rent of the pizza shop should control within 20% of the turnover.



Determine the decoration style of the pizza shop.

Want to be a successful pizza restaurant? Then investors need to work hard on store decoration. The style of decoration is generally determined by the target customer group. Gaboon’s customer group pursues luxury and comfort for one and a half pages, while general consumers like warmth. And leisure, and low-end consumer requirements are simple and bright. So we must grasp the overall situation in the decoration style.

Food Kiosk Pizza Stall For The Shopping Mall

This pizza kiosk size is about 5x3m. The front it is the cashier register with the 3d lighted logo. Let the whole kiosk look very beautiful. And you can see on the top ceiling, it has the lights, some menu of the lighted box. And the back side counter you can put some equipment machines also. The food kiosk can use to sell many foods. Mainly sell pizza, cake, waffle, bakery, cola, juice and so on.

On the stainless steel toe kick it has the green color Led strip lights. This is a food kiosk can use in the shopping mall or food shop. The size we can customize as your location size or food shop size. And the inside layout we can discuss and make as you like. Our designer will make a new one pizza food kiosk with all your requirements. You can send your equipment list to us and we will draw in the 3d design. Our designer team will customize the food kiosk only for your requirements. Because each customer has their own requirements. That is why we need to start the 3d design first.

If you are interested in our food pizza kiosk design, please welcome to our website to check more food kiosk design. Or you can feel free to contact us at, then we will send more food kiosk design for your reference. Thank you very much.

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