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Because fast food is convenient, time-saving, and delicious, many people like fast food. And more and more people start to do a fast food business. It’s a good idea for considering a fast food business to earn the money. Fast food kiosks are different from fast-food restaurants. The cost of fast food kiosks is not high and can pay back quickly. Also, it is very convenient. With a fast-food kiosk, you can add your ideas to make it unique and special. Which can help you improve sales and go further.

The Hot Sale Fast Food Kiosk Display

It always takes time to find a good location. No matter where you set up the fast-food kiosk and start a business, the most important thing is to know the size and mall rules. Because most of the landlord wants to review the kiosk design and even materials samples. Then you can consider fast food kiosk decoration, such as color, layout, style. You can even think about where is good to place the brand logo. It’s better to make a rough floor plan, so 3D design follows on the plan can help you save time.

Description of the unique food kiosk

fast food kiosk

This fast-food kiosk size is 4x4m, and the color is white, red, and wood color. It includes a working counter, locked drawers, imagine wall, seating area, top ceiling, etc. You can prepare food at the front counter and send it to customers directly. The brand logo with posters on the kiosk body aims to advertise and attracts people.  The back wall is a large brand wall, cookers hang on the wall for convenient use. Do you find the POS counter? According to the mall rules, the POS system can’t be seen by clients, so the owner put them in the drawers. When the back is the ingredient area and the rest area, consumers can add different seasonings by themselves.

Material show

The material of fast-food kiosk is plywood, acrylic 3D logo, stainless steel, and marble finish. Through pictures, we can find this is a wooden fast-food kiosk with a top frame. And it is divided into two parts. The white part is for work, and the red part is for customers. Now let’s look at the white part first. As we can see the work counter is special. It is composed of solid wood and marble. And it has two different countertops. There are a stainless steel sink and some machines for making fast food on the countertop. And under the countertop is some cabinets for storage. It is very useful.

Real design pictures show

fast food showcase fast food stand

You can understand this kiosk layout and decoration from the design drawing. Because pictures can reflect information more intuitively than words. Will you choose this style as the basic design? We can also help you even change the style, so you can receive the right food kiosk.


1. Q: How to make the kiosk decoration?

A: The color, style, layout, and shape consists of kiosk decoration. Whatever you want, we can help you add to the kiosk in a good way

2. Q: How will you deliver the kiosk, in parts?

A: The kiosk should be divided into serval parts and packaged them independent suits for delivery. So you just need to put the part to use it.

3. Q: How much does the fast-food kiosk cost?

A: As for a customized mall kiosk around 3m by 3m, the price ranges from 5600-6800usd. Different shapes and materials of kiosk cost different. We can help you make a new design to control costs.

4. Q: Do you have more sample pictures?

A: We made many beautiful kiosk designs to follow on customers’ ideas. So each one is unique and particular. I can share some for you to choose from. And even make a similar kiosk with your brand logo.

If you want to know further information, please send us an inquiry and leave your email address. We will email to you the details and even the new mall kiosks. Thank you

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