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Because fast food is convenient, time-saving and delicious, many people like fast food. And more and more people start to do fast food business. If you are considering a fast food business, you can start with a fast food kiosk first. Fast food kiosks are different from fast food restaurants. The cost of fast food kiosk is not high and can pay back quickly. Also it is very convenient. With a fast food kiosk, you can start business wherever you like. For example, many people set up a fast food kiosk in the mall to start their business. And the following is a hot sale fast food kiosk in mall.

The Hot Sale Fast Food Kiosk Display

fast food kiosk

This fast food kiosk size is 4x4m, and the color is white, red and wood color. The material of fast food kiosk is plywood, acrylic 3D logo, stainless steel and marble finish. Through picture, we can find this is a wooden fast food kiosk with a top frame. And it is divided into two parts. The white part is for work, and the red part is for customers. Now let’s look at the white part first. As we can see the work counter is special. It is composed of solid wood and marble. And it has two different countertops. There is a sink, some food materials and some machines for making fast food on the countertop. And under the countertop is some cabinets for storage. It is very useful. Also the workbench surface has a logo card a poster for advertising.

fast food showcase fast food stand

Besides, there is a unique logo design on the frame, and a decorative board like aprons in the middle. They are quite special and attractive. The another part of the fast food kiosk is open. It has a counter for side dishes, tables and chairs. People can sit and chat with friends at will here. It is very enjoyful. Do you like it?

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