Nowadays, people are more and more interested in customized kiosks. A good kiosk can not only form the scenery but also impress people. Now I’m going to share some tips on how to get good design from suppliers quickly.

Tip 1:Have a trusted supplier

This is the first and most important step to start, judging the strength of a supplier should be carried out from two aspects. The first is based on the strength of the company, through the company profile and website for reference, the second is a strong design team, which you can refer to from the company’s design team and design history.

Tip 2: Fully express your  requirements for design a kiosk

When you plan your business, you know exactly where you work, so key inform the supplier of your kiosk type and location,  other key information, such as materials, colors, sizes, logos, lighting fixtures, and equipment should also be provided to the supplier without hesitation. When they get this information, they will have a basic understanding of your needs. In addition, if you have a style you like, you can send pictures to them, and the designer will help you design similar kiosks, which greatly speeds up the design process.

Tip 3: Confirm the design

The designer will finish a new design within 3-5 working days, among which there will be some modifications according to your feedback. When you need to confirm the final design, the supplier will send you a comprehensive 3D rendering for confirmation, so that you can check all the details of the kiosk correctly. When you confirm the kiosk design, and the design meets your requirements, you can discuss with the supplier to start the production process.

About us

Dear friends, after reading the share above, I believe you have an understanding of design. If you wanna create your own special kiosk counter, UKS can help.UKS already did customized furniture for more than 14 years, has a professional design team and a skilled work team. will help you make the design and build the kiosk as your needs. any type and style of kiosk counter in your mind and make it true. From function to outlook, from size to color, we can make every angle and every piece of material in your ideal way.


Welcome to contact us if you have interest!

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