Recently, people plan to open their own business in the events and mall center. Begin with a food kiosk is good option to earn money. As renting cost in the mall center and events costs less and can help us win more customers. If you are looking for unique food vending cart these days, please don’t miss this nice food cart. Let’s view more details about this food booth together.

How to make a unique food booth to sell drinks?

  1. Confirm the booth size first. A customized food cart is not fixed size, it is designed and custom made follow on uique idea
  2. Choose a color and layout to decoration the food cart. Whatever you want the food kiosk be, we can help you make it
  3. Draw a new 3D design to show the food cart. When shown in the design drawing, you can view all the details clearly.
  4. Check and modify the design better. Please check the first drawing carefully, whenever you think should be better, we can help you modify in time
  5. Confirmed design. When you find it’s the cart you want, we can view it as the finally design.
  6. Make construction drawing. Before production, it need a detailed construction drwaing. All the material and size will note clearly in it.

More information about food vending cart

As we can see in the design, there are full of posters on the cart body. The food cart has blue ceiling with brand logo and the counter top is in white color. It covers an area of 100cm by 80cm by 2000cm. You can put machines on the countertop and storage goods inside the cart body for convenient use. Do you like this cart style? Please contact us to get your own customized food cart design.

food court food booth

If you have any new ideas, please feel free to discuss with us. Thank you

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