Solid wood strip wooden coffee kiosk with stone countertop

Coffee has always been an important drink in the United States and elsewhereAlthough coffee is bitterit is one of the most favorited drinks in the worldCoffee is one of the three major beverages in the worldalong with cocoa and tea. More than 1.6 billion people consume it worldwide.

So many people quit their job and start a coffee business. Now we want to introduce a solid wood strip wooden coffee kiosk with stone countertop to you. Hope you can get some ideas from here.



This is a coffee booth design with the size 5 x 3m. It can use in the place of indoor or outdoor. Because this coffee kiosk has a top and we can install the rolling door to close it on the night.

The surface finish of the coffee kiosk is the solid wood strip decoration. And the countertop is black color quartz stone.

The front side counter is for the display and cashier area. On the countertop can put the equipment machine you need.


On the back side of the coffee kiosk, usually for the work area of the staff. We can arrange the sink area, fridge area, ice machine on the back.

On the back wall has the wooden display shelf can put some cups. And we can put some lighted box with the menu.

On the top has a black ceiling, hanging some spotlights and track lamps.




If you like this coffee kiosk design, we can make it the size you want with this style. Before we make the design, you can send the equipment list to us.

When our designer makes the design, we can leave the space for you according to your equipment list.

A customized 3d coffee kiosk will charge a 300USD design deposit. The revision is for free.

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