Brown Color Coffee Kiosk Modern Coffee Beans Booth for Sale

coffee kiosk

Coffee and coffee beans are popular in our daily life, people drink coffee every day to keep energy. It’s a great idea to open a coffee kiosk in the shopping center. This cosmetic kiosk includes a reception counter, a display showcase. It can fit your location size. Before opening the coffee kiosk, you can make a kiosk design and arrange all counters in the correct location.

Description of a coffee kiosk

This coffee kiosk size is 3m by 2m, it includes round tables with bar chairs. That is convenient to start a business, clients can sit down to have a drink.

coffee booth

Service counter

We can see the service counter has brown wood bar finishes. The middle area has a shiny counter that matches the countertop. Between them is a good place to attach brand name with backlit. Clients check orders and pay bills here.

The right corner has sector display shelves, coffee beans can place here to increase sales. We can set bar chairs here for seating. While inside has a lower counter for work.

coffee stand

Work area

There is a trapezoid wall decoration at the back, lighting, and brand name attached here. Machines are set on the countertop for better usage. While water sink place near it. There is a high wall on the countertop that avoid clients reach machines. Storage cabinets with shelving are also very important for the coffee kiosks. We can make it under counter.

We can also put a flooring to remind poeple of your shop. It’s a good idea to add flooring light to attract people.

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