Solid wood perfume display stand with kiosk stall design

The perfume has been a luxury product and sells in the shopping mall. Not only for the girls but also some men love perfume. And also, the perfume can as a gift for your friends and family. Are you looking for a perfume kiosk concept for your business? Below a modern design perfume display stand concept for your reference, please follow with me.

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Perfume kiosk material

perfume display stands

The size of this perfume display stall is 12*12 ft. All the size can be customized according to the requirement. So when you get a location from the shopping mall, please tell us the size that you want. And if you have the logo, we can add it to the perfume kiosk. The main material of this perfume kiosk is solid wood and black color laminate. For the basic material of this perfume kiosk, we will use plywood. On the 3d design, you can see we combine the wood color with black color. And a little yellow color as well.

We can customize the perfume kiosk with any color you want. We will send the Pantone color sample for you to choose the color.

3D customize perfume kiosk design

Please look at the layout of this perfume kiosk. It has a small cashier counter and other places for the display area. The pillar has the brand logo and advertising TV for you to play some pictures or videos. This way can help you to attract more customers and let your customer know your brand story and so on. Some display showcase has the tempered glass cover.

For the tempered glass, we will use 8mm tempered glass for the perfume kiosk. And we will install the led strip light on it to light up the perfume products.

We will install all the lights for this perfume kiosk. The Led strip light for the glass display showcase. And the Led strip light under the stainless steel toe kick. You can choose any colors for the led strip light. And also if you want to change the color of the led strip light as you like, we have the remote control multi-colored led strip light offer to you. Then you can use the remote control to change the colors as you like.

All the size, color, logo, design we can customize for you with your requirement.



For the installation of the perfume kiosk

Meanwhile, the wires and sockets of the perfume kiosk we will install for you too. So when you receive the perfume kiosk, please open all the wooden packages and put them together. The construction drawing has the floor plan of the perfume kiosk. So you can put them together according to the floor plan of the perfume kiosk. And then connect the hermaphrodite connector to your local power supply then the kiosk will work.

We will send the finished pictures and videos to you before we do the packing. Also, we will send the installation instruction to you for how to install the perfume kiosk. If you have any questions about the installation of the perfume kiosk, please feel free to contact our after-sales team.

Unique Kiosk customizes the design and build perfume display stand and stall with high-quality material. Above is a solid wood texture kiosk concept, if you need the same kiosk design with the best price. Welcome to contact us at email, thank you very much.

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