We are not selling skin care products, we are mall retail display furniture manufacture. Offering the best retail kiosk stands with the best price for business vendors. Whether you need a cosmetic display table or perfume kiosk stands. You will find your ideal style here. Due to the reason that all the retail kiosk are customized according to the vendor’s request. So, we do not have any kiosk in stock. But we offer fast delivery time, if you need an urgent order, please contact our sale team. you just need to pay 5%  higher of overwork cost, we will make your order finished in a short time.

Check here blow a nice cosmetic skin care kiosk in mall. This is a light wood lamination finished kiosk, with glass display showcase for products display. All the glass are tempered glass with led light around the top shelf. Light color can be warm or cold.

Mall used Plumeria Perfume retail and skin care cosmetic kiosk for sale

skin care retail kiosk

Want to order this kiosk quickly check below info if suitable for you ↓↓↓

The size of this skin care kiosk is 4*3 meter

The price for this cosmetic kiosk is $ 6900USD. different size the price will be different too.

All the material used are national standard plywood and MDF

The wiring and LED lights used inside the kiosk is UL listed with CE certificated.

skin care kiosk design skin care cosmetic kiosk

Either you need a different size of skin care products retail stands or you like above kiosk design, And want to custom a similar one.  just sent us your ideas, our designer will make a fully new concept design according to your minds.  We also have a huge amount a modern luxury cosmetic kiosk design and retail kiosk concepts on our site. check more and you will get more ideas.

Finally, start a retail kiosk business in mall are the best way to start a small business.  You just need to walk out the first step and the rest will walking toward you.

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