Solid Wood Juice Kiosk Fresh Juice Bar Counter Shipped To Australia

Nowadays, people are paying more and more attention to enjoying life, pursuing the quality of life, and choosing to drink more drinks during leisure time, shopping and enjoying the slow pace of life. Therefore, the milk tea beverage market has developed better and better in recent years. Among them, the existence of freshly squeezed juice has made many people fall in love with drinking juice. So freshly squeezed juice is very popular now.

Freshly squeezed fruit juice is very nutritious and rich in many vitamins. It is a good drink for people’s health. It can be drunk at any time. In the hot summer, a glass of ice-cold freshly squeezed juice is so comfortable and cool. In the cold winter, a glass of warm freshly squeezed juice can make your whole body full warm up. So do you want to make a juice kiosk to start your fresh juice business? Please feel free to contact us for more details of the juice bar counter design.

Customize juice bar design:

The size is 650x260x230cm of this juice kiosk. This is a big size can use for the shopping mall or store area. We will use the basic material plywood and surface finish we will use the wood color laminate. The countertop is white color man-made stone, it is also called corian stone. And the back side we can install the water sink to you. We have single sink, two-compartment sink and customize three-compartment sink. Around the juice bar it has some bar chairs for the customers to sit and have a drink.


Our company can make a customize juice bar design with all your requirements. It is customized and unique. We have 5-10 interior designer and a professional sales team. Customize the juice kiosk, we are the best choice for you!



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