Classical Fruit Juice Bar With Cake Display For Sale

Hello, friend. Welcome your coming. I’m glad to know that you are going to start a juice business. We all know fruit juice is a drink by squeezing fresh fruits and adding water, sugar liquid, sour agent, etc. It not only contains many nutrients, but also tastes quite delicious. Undoubtedly, it is becoming more and more popular among people. For example, most people all like to drink a glass of juice during leisure time. It can make them relaxing and enjoyable.

Therefore, I want to tell you that you start juice business is right. This is a very good decision. If you want your juice business to do better, your juice store needs to make more outstanding. So that it can attract customers and increase your sales. Today I will share a classical fruit juice bar with cake display with you. I hope it can help for you.

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The Fruit Juice Bar With Cake Display Description

From the 3D images, we can see this is a wooden juice shop with cake display. Its stone is gray. And the asccessories of the fruit juice bar have four sinks, a freshly squeezzed machine, several light boxes and a gray multistory wood shelf decoration. There is a cash register in the middle of the two cake display cabinets on one side of the fruit juice bar. The fruit juice bar has a rectangle hollow ceiling in the middle. It is very unique. And there are two Acrylic light boxes on the outer surface of the fruit juice bar both sides. They are rectangle acrylic light boxes with black border. It is very suitable to show posters about fruit juice. It can attract the attention of passersby.

Of course, we can view the fruit juice bar provides four memu light boxes, a long gray stone table and several red chairs for customers. Customers can sit here drinking fresh fruit juice to relax and enjoy their leisure time after ordering. On the basis of the effect of color on people, red chairs will make customers have a good appetite. So people will consider eating cakes while drinking juice. What a clever design. Do you like this classical fruit juice bar with cakes display?

juice bar on sale

If you want to learn more information about the fruit juice bar, please contact us for free. We are here all the time. Expecting your inquiry. Thank you for reading.

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