Solid Wood Coffee Kiosk and Macarons Booth to France

It’s a good idea to open a macarons booth and coffee kiosk in a mall. With the great economic development of our country, various drinks and desserts are becoming more popular. Whether it’s small talk with friends or rich business topics. Coffee is a kind of conversational resource that shows self-knowledge and cultural style.

For opening such a store, the investment can be control. So people with energy will even open a small store while going to work. Now, It’s a very

Advantages of opening a Macarons booth

Stable and large passenger flow

The passenger flow in the mall is large and stable. And shopping, dining, and entertainment are integrated. Whether it is the main coffee plus dessert service can attract many customers.

Perfect management service

The series of supporting services in the mall is very complete. Especially in the aspects of fire protection, sanitation, and environmental protection. The mall will have preliminary negotiations in the early stage. Which can reduce a lot of preliminary work for the operators.

Auxiliary marketing strategy

Many shopping malls often plan many activities to attract customers. This has increased many potential consumers for coffee shops. Especially during the holidays you can get more customers, and you don’t need to bear any marketing expenses

Improve brand marketing

When you open a store in a high-end mall, customers will invisibly feel that “this store is high-end”. This greatly increases the influence of your brand and can also establish a good brand image. All you need to do is provide delicious coffee, macaron desserts and good service

Description of a coffee kiosk

coffee cabinets

The coffee kiosk uses wooden finishes, which gives a very natural feel and fits the coffee theme very well. It looks very stylish and has a simple design and low-key colors. At the same time, it shows high-end, superb craftsmanship, durable materials, and a perfect layout. All this inspiration is funded by our designers, who need to combine the unique needs of customers to create.

Macarons Booth

It has a brown ceiling with LED brand signage and two round signage on two sides. People can see you from far away. Three retro chandeliers above for decoration and brightness. There is also an L-shaped macarons display cabinet on the front side next to the cashier register. The backside is a working table with coffee machines. A water sink with a tap closed to the entrance door. You can store more items in the bottom drawer.

Please notice the machines you need, because we have to leave enough space to put them. The menu bar is placed on the wall behind, so consumers can see it when ordering. The light strip surrounds the entire display counter, it looks very dazzling, people can easily find you in many shops.

coffee kioskcoffee stand

More information show:

  • Item name: Solid Wood Coffee Kiosk and Macarons Booth to France
  • Materials list: MDF, glossy Painting, and so on.
  • Size: 3m by 2m or we can custom-made it according to your need.
  • Usage: Shopping Mall, coffee shop, food court, etc.
  • Package: EPE Cotton+Bubble Pack+Wooden Box
  • Design: CAD, 3D Max, Photoshop, CorelDRAW, Sketchup
  • Delivery time:15-20 Days after Confirming
  • Payment: 50% Deposit, 50% Before Shipping, TT, Trade Assurance, Western Union.

As a new project, a new design is necessary. Because you can complete the coffee cabinet according to the size of the store and the requirements of the mall. You can visually see the shape and design. At the same time, you can place all counters and machines in a reasonable location for convenient use. If there is any discord, it can be corrected in time. Besides, you can submit accurate drawings to the shopping mall for review. I believe the mall manager is very happy to meet them and work with you.

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