Green Coffee Kiosk with Solid Wood Bar Decorations Shipped to Berlin

Coffee booth and coffee kiosk becoming very popular in recent years. We also make many beautiful coffee kiosks in different countries. Today, I want to introduce a special coffee kiosk to you. It is good to use in the shopping center, food shop, and food court. Except for coffee, you can also sell cupcakes, crepe, bubble tea, frozen yogurt, and coffee beans. Let’s view more details together.

Green color coffee kiosk in the mall

Layout introduction

The first side has a reception counter with a band logo. It has a green surface with the brand name and the countertop is white stone. We can see the right side is a large glass display shelves, where can place coffee beans and cakes. The corner is a white curved trapezoid display counter. A green menu board set here as a guide. Next to it is a wood entrance door.

We can see the left side is a topping counter with a tempered glass case as a cover. It can avoid contamination of the food and make people eat more at ease. The backside is a long working table. Coffee machines on the top and fridge under the counter. Water sink with water tap set here for better usage.

Material decoration

Main material: MDF

Surface material: Green baking paint, solid wood bar, white baking paint

Glass: Tempered glass

Logo: Luminous logo, acrylic logo, etc.

Kicking: Stainless steel

Other materials: Light lamp, hardware, etc.

How to open a coffee shop in the mall?

Opening a store inside a shopping mall is different from a store on the street outside. After negotiating the rent, you can start decoration and business. The shopping mall has the rules and procedures of the mall. The following is a reference for the shop opening process

First, project selection:

The first step in opening a store in a mall is to find the project first. Because when the mall negotiates with you, it will ask you what business and brand you are. For example, are you creating your own coffee brand or joining a brand. Shopping malls usually need to review brand qualifications

Second, the choice of the brand:

If you choose to join, we recommend that you join a well-known brand. The higher your brand awareness, the smoother you enter the market, and you will get more attention from the market in the future. If you have your own brand, you don’t need to consider this. Of course, you must first consider whether you are starting a business in a high-end mall or a mid-range business, which is related to your investment cost.

Third, matters attention

General shopping mall expenses include admission fee, rent, management fee, and so on. Specific costs and requirements need to be negotiated with the mall. This will determine the color, material, layout, decoration, etc. of your coffee kiosk.

Fourth, location and size

1. It is best to choose near a high-end integrated shopping mall with a strong commercial atmosphere, large passenger flow, and popular popularity.

2. Choose a commercial street with high popularity and passenger flow (passenger flow needs to meet the characteristics of the target customer group).

3. Choose near well-known shops or shopping malls

Finally, coffee kiosk decoration

After the shop counter is determined, design the food kiosk according to the floor plan provided by the mall. You need to find a dedicated team of designers to help you complete this step. You can also send the floor plan directly to the brand, they will help you design according to the area, shape, and brand style. Before shop decoration, submit the decoration plan to the mall property management department. Renovation can only be done after communication and written confirmation.

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