Solid Wood Beer Cart Wine Shop Cart Booth for Sale

beer cart

Are you looking for a beer cart for business? Beer is very popular on social occasions such as parties, events, and dinners. You can drink beer and chat with your friends. This is a very relaxing thing. Here is a nice beer cart kiosk sharing with you.

Introduction of the beer cart design

This beer cart size has a 1.2m display counter body, the surface area has a brand logo in white color, poeple can see your beer cart from distance. The kisok body is a red metal frame with nail decoration, looks like a treasure box, very high-end. Inside the kiosk, the body use to store beers. Moreover, many taps in the center of the countertop, which are like draft beer. It is very popular. It is a rose gold color metal finish, glossy and attractive.

beer shop boothDisplay counter

Beer cups are set on the countertop, clients can help themself and can easily buy a cup of a bear. Inside the display, the counter is a storage area. Besides, the brand logo has a new set at 4 sides, which is very convenient to use.

Ride area

The Menu board can be set in the ride sets, you can also add vivid drawers here. So that clients will appeal to it and leave a deep impression on you.

Material introduction

The main material is plywood and the surface is solid wood, metal, wheels. The horn is installed on the armrest, not only to adorn your beer cart but also to create a retro atmosphere. It can also remind people to pay attention. Lighting decoration set at the front.

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