Bike Shape Food and Beverage Outdoor Cart Suitable Anytime for Sale

Everyone wants to open a samll food stand. But as is difficult to find a shop place or mall shop,they stop idea.  Have you ever think we all can open a small shop? Do you want to start a business with low cost?  This is a small bike shape food cart. You don’t need to find a shop,you don’t need to pay rent.  Only you need is to have your products,such as beverage, fast food,snacks ,etc.  And you can sell food at any time and any place. Even you can sell you products at the most popular street.

The bike shape food cart description

The whole appearance is a wooden style,having a reteo style. The wooden body connect the stainless steel bike,with three wheels. It return to the original bike shape completely. What’s more ,like normal bike,we design a foot pedal,to support you push it by feet.

food cart

On the countertop,we dsign several slot for displaying food and beverage. Next,we add a place for cashier machine,that is a place we reserved at design time. Last but not least,there is some small light bulb to decorate. So your outdoor cart can present a beautiful look at night. People could see from distance. There is a menu poster in the back side,and two brand poster hang on the top. It also have a good display effect.

food cart

 Other detials

About material:  

Plywood as base counter material,laminate as exterior decoration material,stainless steel bike,led light bulb

About quailty and design:

From detailed dimensions to specified materials, even tiny screws are rigorously controlled to ensure you get a perfect booth, perfect quality, and an excellent finish. So we manufacture high quality kisok. 3D design and construction drawing. But we charge 300$ design deposit and return it to you after you place an order.

food cart

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