“Smoke ice cream” kiosk dragon breath kiosk for sale

As far as I know, Most of Chinese call dragon breath kiosk as smoke ice cream kiosk. Dragon breath dessert snack is very popular in the market. When people eat it, the thick fog will come out from your mouth and nose, it likes dragon breath from his mouth and nose, so named it! Actually, it is a dessert.

It is also similar to smoke—thick fog come out from mouth and nose, so many teenagers, children, adults want to try and taste it. When staffs make it, it will a lot of fog upon dragon breath. Why come out this situation? Because it contains liquid nitrogen, so it cools quickly. However, please don’t worry about it. This liquid nitrogen is non-toxic.

dragon breath kiosk

You can see, the staff is making dragon breath and it comes out thick fog. Also, there is a tempered glass between customers and staffs. If you want to remove it, then it is ok. Customers see it clearly—how to make dragon breath.

This liquid nitrogen dragon breath kiosk is very simple. It is divided into two parts: front is working area&sale area and back is storage cabinets. The surface of both parts is stickers. The countertop is white man-made stone.  The liquid nitrogen tank under the countertop.

If you want to get a liquid nitrogen dragon breath kiosk in the shopping mall, please feel free to contact us. Except for this style, we have done other styles. Each design is different. So does yours!

Thanks in advance!

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