There are many crepes kiosks in our daily lives. Crepes also become a very popular food because of their delicious taste. It’s a great idea to open crepes and snack kiosk in the shopping center. A customized crepe kiosk can help you sell all kinds of food to earn more money. Such as cakes, hot dogs, ice cream, coffee, fast food, waffles, fresh juice, etc. Next, let’s learn more about the crepe kiosk I introduce today. Hope it will like it.

Images of classic crepe kiosk

As we can see, the food kiosk very unique, I think it consists of two parts, one is the white area, one is the dark brown area, there are cakes and crepes counter in front of it, and behind it is food utensils, most of all, if you want to put some logo on it, we also can put them on it, it will be become more beautiful, besides, It has exquisite workmanship, glossy veneer, and interior, suave tone, unique design.

At the first sight, we can see the front side has a large cake display machine, people can purchase cupcakes directly. Nest to it is a POS machine for paying bills. A brand logo stands with the menu, the prices, and food on which will guide customers to buy. You must see the high wall surrounded the kiosk. It separates the working counter from clients. That can protect consumers and also hidden food machines. 

The high wall uses the solid wood bar as decoration material, while the inside is a wood veneer finish. While the outside wall has lightbox painting for advertising and also makes the crepe kiosk standing out. So, please change the posters regularly to catch people’s eyes’ attention and win more clients. The black stone countertops the high level of the kiosk and make it looks elegant and clients. 

The main function of skirting lights is decoration. It can also illuminate the area near the skirting or the wall above. A floor light also increases brightness, aesthetics, attracts the eye, and be used as a guide. Please don’t forget if you want a WOW effect.

Description of the crepe kiosk

  • Size: 6m by 3m, or customized according to your shop size.
  • Color: White and brown or customized for you
  • Main material: MDF.
  • Surface: White and brown paint finish, wood veneer, and laminate
  • Logo: Acrylic Logo
  • Display showcase: Glass display showcase,
  • Cabinet: Wooden cabinet.
  • Design time: 2-3 workdays. Recommend to leave more time to confirm design
  • production time: 20-22 workdays. Recommend to leave more time to get a perfect kiosk
  • payment: TT, Western Union, 50 % deposit, 50 % balance before shipping.
  • packing: This crepe kiosk+foam inside+wooden box outside.

Steps from order to delivery

Before opening a new business, we should first choose a location to start. Then think twice to decorate it in a good way. An attractive food kiosk design can not only express brand culture but also increase sales performance. Now, let’s see how to make the crepe kiosk.

First, make a kiosk design drawing. CAD design drawing shows the detailed information of the crepe kiosk. Including size, layout, color, material, etc. What you should do is to confirm the kiosk is the one you want.

Second, production of the crepe kiosk according to the drawing. You can submit the 3D design drawing of the crepe kiosk to the mall manager for approval first. Therefore, we can produce the correct food kiosk as you want. During the production, we will take photos and even videos to show you the details.

Third, arrange shipment to the destination port. When the goods finish, we should confirm the ping details. We will test the light and sockets to make sure they work correctly. Then clean the counter and cabinets, so you can receive a clean kiosk. Finally, package it well with bubble foam and a wooden box, which can protect the goods well from long-distance delivery.

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