Eyebrow service is the one of most popular service businesses. We can change our eyebrow shape and make the color darker, it can help us more beautiful. In the shopping mall, there is a lot of eyebrow threading kiosks, because we did a lot of this kind of kiosk every month. Our customers from around the world, they are indifferent malls and different location size. So we can design many different style kiosks. Today I want to introduce you to a small beautiful mall eyebrow service kiosk.

Pink Eyebrow Threading Kiosk

The size of this kiosk is relatively small, and the layout is also different from the ordinary kiosks. We can see that it has two working positions. Generally, the eyebrow line kiosk must have a working area, a seating area, and a cash register. This kiosk puts everything on the same side. We can see that between the two workstations is the seating area, and the work station on the right is a cash register. Its width is very small, so no other furniture or equipment can be placed on the opposite side.

We have added some light bulbs around the mirror of the work station, which can provide us with a bright view and help us work better. The drawer of the workbench can welcome to store our tools or customer’s things. There are also some lockers under the seating area. Some shopping malls will require us to also make flooring, so we can also provide flooring to customers.

This kiosk entrance is a sliding door, it is very convenient. The exterior decoration of the kiosk is our logo or lightbox painting. We can also install an advertising player to play our service. They can make this kiosk more attractive.

Size: 3.5×1.75m

Basic material: MDF

Surface finish: Baking paint

Color: Pink and white (it can be customized)

Skirting: Stainless steel

Others: Mirror, light bulb. leather, floor

Production time: About 25 working days



Kiosk Production And Assemble

This kiosk basic material is Medium-destiny Fiberboard, this is a very common material for kiosks in shopping malls. The surface finish is baking paint. It has many color options, we can choose the color we like. When we confirm the kiosk design, we will start the production. We will install the lightbox, logo, sockets, mirrors, and light. When you receive the kiosk, you only put the separate cabinet together.

It needs to be fixed with screws, we will send screws to you, you can install them according to the hole under the cabinet. Our main wire is run through the floor, which connects it to the main power supply of the mall. We’ll also send you the assemble video when we finish the production.

Order Process

If you want to start a kiosk in the mall, we need to do the design first. Because we need to combine the location given by the mall and our brand to design our kiosk, and it needs to be submitted to the mall for review, and only after the review is passed can we start production. So the first thing is to make the design. Our kiosk design fee is 300USD, it allows modification. We can help you to get the mall approval. The design time is 2-3 working days.

After we confirm the design and get the mall approval, we will start production. The production time is 22-28 working days. We can also ship the goods to your nearest port or your detailed address.

What is the kiosk price?

Our price is based on the final design. We need to know its size, material, and style. The above kiosk size is 3.5×1.75, made of MDF and baking paint, include the floor, the price is about 6300$.

If you want to know the price, you can tell me what size you need and your favorite kiosk picture, we can give you an estimated price.



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