Small size dessert restaurant coffee shop food counter design

Many people who want to start their own business have to do a detailed business plan. If you want to open a food shop to start a food business. What you need to do first is to know if your food can sell well in your shop and if can it bring a profit for you. You need to find a good shop location and this location should fit your budget also.

The shop design is the most important thing you need to do and it should fit your business. We’d like to introduce a small size dessert restaurant coffee shop food counter design in this article.



This small restaurant has a food counter for the staff to make food and a dining area for the customer. The front work counter has 2 glass display fridges for the food can display some foods like drinks, cake, bread, dessert and other ready-made food.

At the end of the left side is a small area for the cashier counter with a lighted logo on the front. On the wall of back side has a menu so that the customer can choose the foods they want.

A small shop does not need many dining areas, 1 or 2 is enough, or you can make some bar area on the window area. On the wall, you can put some decoration but it should match your restaurant style. In the storefront, you can put a big brand sign in order to let the customer see your brand.

The material of the food counter we usually use a stone countertop and wooden body. All the lights and logos we will install in our factory. You can use the food counter directly when you receive it and do not need to install.

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