Eye-Catching Coffee Shop Design Idea Customize Cafe Counter

The coffee shop is popular in many countries. On the street, we can see many coffee shops and inside always sitting many people. The first thing to attract the customer you need to do is create a nice coffee shop design and provide a comfortable dining environment for the customers.

If you do not have an idea of how to start a coffee shop, you can check our website for some coffee shop designs for reference. This is an eye-catching coffee shop design idea customize cafe counter we want to show you today. Let us see how it beautiful look.



Usually, the layout of a coffee shop design will include a coffee bar counter area, kitchen area, and dining area. The most important part is the coffee bar counter area. This area should include the cashier counter for customers to order what they want. And the work counter for the staff to make food and coffee.

Meanwhile, the pick-up area should be divided from them. Otherwise, it will be very crowded when people crowd together to get food. You can put the price list and menu here so that the customer can check and choose what they want to order.

The dining area is the area for the customers to relax and have food. You can set up the dining area for 2 people, 4 people and more people. And a bar area for some single customers. In the dining area, we can use some comfortable sofa and chairs and put some plants or flowers on the countertop.

The lighting is also important for a coffee shop. We had better use warm color light for the coffee store to let the customers feel comfortable and relaxed. Not suggest to use too bright light.

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