How to start a small kiosk in mall for cell phone accessory retail business ?  Obviously , we can see that a mall used smart phone accessory is a very popular and hot business thread. Many people start open a retail kiosk in mall for this.  Due to the huge users of cell phone or smart phone . A nice accessory is a necessary . This make the phone accessory retail are boom business in mall and business center.

To start a small retail shop for cell phone accessories. You need a unique design kiosk first. Here blow is a small retail kiosk design for it.  Because the size of the kiosk is too small , You can not fit too much display inside the kiosk. So we designed a slope in display showcase to give more products display.

The color combination in this retail kiosk is also Commendable. Black and white color give a strong eye contact. Which make the product display outstanding.

If you want to do a mall used in door custom smart phone accessory kiosk . Unique Kiosk will be your best partner. Contact us now , you will get a free kiosk design. 

Do you like this kiosk design ? contact us now for detailed price and material .

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