Exquisite Mango Kiosk In Mall Display For Sale

Mango is one of the most popular tropical fruits. It is popular with the public for its eye-catching appearance, attractive color and delicious taste. There are many kinds of mango, such as Taiwan mango, Australian mango, Kate mango, etc. Usually we can use mango to squeeze juice, make mango jelly and some snacks like dried mango. It is very delicious. Which one do you like best? And do you want to open a mango store? It will be welcome if you do. Here is a exquisite mango kiosk. It is for your reference.

The Mango Kiosk Description

This is a exquisite mango kiosk with purple roof. The outer color of mango kiosk is green, brown and purple. And the kiosk is oval. This make the whole kiosk like a colorful mango. There is a 3D Acrylic light logo in the middle of one side purple roof. It is very conspicuous. And the accessories of mango kiosk has four sinks and several cabinets under the countertop. The cabinets can garner some items. The mango kiosk has a multi-layer glass showcase. It can display all kinds of mangoes, like apple mango and royal mango. There is a freshly aqueezed machine on the countertop. It can offer fresh mango juice for customers. Just as two-tier display stand on the countertop has some mango juice. So we can not only taste different mangoes and drink fresh mango juice when we come here.

Of course, the mango kiosk also can display some mango jelly and mango snacks if you want. This provides customers with a variety of choices and will attract more people. The mango kiosk is very beautiful and attractive. Do you think so?


3D Images Display

mango kiosk mango display mango shop

After seeing the above images, do you like this style of mango kiosk? If you have some new views about mango kiosk, please contact us soon. We can help you design a new mango kiosk according your demands. Welcome your inquiry. Thank you for reading.

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