Simple Wooden Juice Display Kiosk Modern Beverage Juice Bar Design

Juice and beverage are always popular by people in 4 seasons, even in winter. The juice has many tastes of different brands. Different people have different tastes. If you have one juice kiosk in the mall, you can get many profits, because people like to have them, especially young people.

High Quality Juice kiosk

The juice bar front side is the cashier counter, and it is white with a little black edges. The logo sign is in the middle of the counter. One glass case is near the cashier counter. The entrance side has the counter with two chairs as the customers area. People can choose sit there and drink their juice or take away. Other sides are for working.

juice kiosk p1

The left side has the black metal frame as the display shelve to display all kinds of juice. The shelf has the grids design, which is fashionable. There is one big juice bar logo sign on the back wall and its beside has the wooden cabinet for holding something. The juice machines and refrigerator is below the top cabinet. In addition, the lamps are installed at the top ceiling. Such kind juice kiosk is very perfect. About the back wall, it is empty now, but in fact it can has some juice patterns or logo signs to fill with it. In this way, the kiosk is more colorful to let people know it.juice stand p2


The juice kiosk size is 10*10ft. We can meet the size customization when you talk it with us. It is normal size for the kiosk, but which will depend on the mall size you get and your needs.

Material of juice bar

The materials applied in the kiosk is MDF, veneer and metal. The veneer decorates the MDF and make it like natural wood. The material is one of the customization selection too.

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