There are many, many drinks appearing on the market now. Most people like to drink those drinks. But there are also many people who care about health and prefer to drink juice without additives. This has also led to the rise of the freshly squeezed juice market.When you start to do the business, besides to find the material, location, machines, you also need to get the kiosk to sell your product. You can get a good custom kiosk and start your business.

There is a juice kiosk we have done, and share these with you as a reference.

Juice Kiosk Description

The juice kiosk is opened, then you can enter into the kiosk from four sides. From the previous perspective, kiosk is divided into two parts. You can see that there is a wall board in the middle. But the inside of the wall board is empty, you can go around in the kiosk easily. The right of the kiosk has a stand which can put your poster on it. The back wall has a menu which can advertise your goods on it.




On the right side of the kiosk is a decorative fruit tree, a decorative box, and fruit. These are in line with the theme of this brand.

The top of the kiosk has two sets logos which can display the brand ideas. The top has some wood bar strip which can decorate the kiosk. Four sides of the kiosk has the logos, and customer can see it from different directions.

The back wall has the display stand and you can display all of your goods on it. In order to make the whole display stand unique and professional, it has a floor which can make these display stand tidy and clean.


For the light strip, all of the light strip play important  role in the kiosk. It will can make the whole display stand more bright, and professional.

If you want to open a new kiosk, just feel free contact us, we will make a new one according to your requirements.



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