Subscriber Identity Module (SIM), usually called “SIM card”, is a smart card mainly used to store user identification data, SMS data and phone numbers. SIM cards mainly used in GSM networks and TD-SCDMA networks. But compatible modules can also use in IDEN phones. Some people refer to the RUIM card and UIM card of CDMA2000 and cdmaOne as SIM cards. Although the two functions are similar and comply with the same mechanical and electrical standards and some software standards. The upper-level applications are not necessarily compatible.

SIM Card display kiosk shipped to Sydney airport:

This SIM card display kiosk of the size is 2800 x 1050 x 2150 mm. And the main material of the cell phone accessories booth is metal with powder coated. This is a very strong material even it can use for the outdoor area. The logo on the SIM card kiosk is the 3D lighted logo. Other we include the slate wall, logo lighted box, spotlight, 50 inches advertising TV. And all the same lock with key, handles, stainless steel toe kick, all the wires and sockets and so on.

How to make the 3d design for the SIM card kiosk?

We are the customize kiosk manufacturer, our own design team can make the 3d design for you.

You need to get back to us your location first, what is the size and if you have the pictures of the location will be better.

For the 3d design of the SIM card and mobile phone accessories kiosk, we will charge 300$ design deposit.

But the design deposit will deduct from the total cost when you order a SIM card kiosk. So actually it is for free.

We will send the 3d design drawing to you within 3-5 working days.

And then we can discuss and make the changes for you if you want.

And finally, we will make the construction drawing for you after we finalize the final 3d design version.

How did the customer take an order of this SIM card kiosk for Sydney airport?

This customer is our returned customer from Sydney, Australia. He is a retailer and wholesaler of the SIM card and other mobile phone accessories. He opens many mobile phone accessories kiosk and cell phone accessories store in Sydney, Australia. And he got a location in the Sydney Internation Airport. So he wants to make a new SIM card kiosk in this new location. The customer contacted us and want to make a 3d design for the SIM card kiosk first. So he paid the 3d design deposit and then we made the 3d design for him. After we made the construction drawing after we finalize the final 3d design version, our customer sent to the airport management for approval. The airport management checked the construction drawing and 3d design of the SIM card and then sent some revision to us. We changed the construction drawing of the SIM card according to the airport management requirements until we get approval from them. Finally, we start the production after the customer paid 50% deposit.

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