We all know that crystal is a very magical thing, its appearance is as high and beautiful as jewelry, and it has many functions. Such as bringing good luck to people, making our things more smoothly, etc. So many people will buy crystals. In our daily life, besides selling in the store, crystal is also displayed in the kiosk of the mall. They usually put them in glass cabinets, because the crystal is a more expensive thing, we need to ensure the safety of our property.

Mall Crystal Kiosk

We can see that the display area of this crystal kiosk is outside, and customers can see our products from the outside, they can visit or choose. Inside the kiosk are some display cabinets and countertops, we can put all our stocks in the lockers. The logo can be installed on the cabinet so that customers will know us better. Lights are installed in our glass display cabinets, and the crystal becomes more shiny and beautiful under the light.

Size: 10x10ft

Basic material: MDF

Surface finish: Baking paint

Glass: Tempered glass

Logo: Lightbox logo



Kiosk Production

Each of our kiosks has a drawing, and the drawing is drawn according to the design drawing. We will send the drawing to the customer for confirmation, and we will start production after there is no problem. Our kiosk is all made of wood, and the surface treatment is lacquered. We can choose the color we like, and the paint has two effects: glossy and matte. Most customers will choose bright paint, it looks shiny.

Our production has four steps, making wooden cabinets, polishing, baking paint, and installing. It takes about 28 working days to make a kiosk.

Mall Kiosk

We all know that shopping malls are very popular places with a lot of people. Many people like to start their business in the mall. After we sign the contract with the mall, we need to do the design first and send it to the mall for review. Some shopping malls are very strict, they have requirements for the materials and height of kiosk. So we need the details of our kiosk.
If you have a location in the mall, you can tell us the size of your location, and we will design according to your size and requirements. We have a professional design team, they will help us get the review of the mall.

We provide professional shopping mall kiosk design and production. , So you can do all the work here. The design fee of the kiosk is 300USD, it can be modified, and we can provide all the details needed for the mall. The design time is 2-3 working days, when we place an order, the design fee will be deducted from the balance. Only with design can we proceed to the next step, so the design is the first step for us to start work.

How to install a kiosk?

It is very easy. When you receive the goods, you can just put the separate cabinets together. Then connect the male and female connectors between them, and then connect the remaining main wires to the mall, and it will work. The installation methods of different styles of kiosks may be different. When we complete the production of the kiosk, we will send you an installation video, which is more convenient for your understanding.

What is the kiosk price?

It based on the final design. If you want to know the kiosk price, please tell me what size you need. If you have your favorite kiosk picture, you can send me. We will give you an estimated price.



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