Professional manufacturer customized commercial jewelry kiosk decoration for jewelry shopping mall

As jewelry has a value-preserving effect, more and more people like to buy it. It can not only reflect one’s charm and status, but also serve as a collection. If you don’t have enough budget to open a store, you can consider opening jewelry display kiosk, it would be a good choice to save your money. Jewelry display kiosk is cheaper than opening a jewelry store. We should first get the space of the mall. So before you start, you need to submit the lease contract to the mall center. And then start make design according to the space size.

Customized commercial jewelry display kiosk

This is a square kiosk. Which is mainly composed of 8 jewelry display cabinets as a whole kiosk. Which looks modern and advanced. Glass display cabinets are very common. It can allow the jewelry to be seen from all angles. And to show the advantages of jewelry to the greatest extent.

The common material is MDF. Like the picture, the color and gloss are smooth and shiny, and it looks very advanced. Based on different ideas, some customers like to use solid wood materials, which look natural and luxurious, and the cost is a bit high. But use what materials is based on your requirements, we can customize it for you.

Basic information

Size: 3x2m or custom make as you need.

Color: white and brown. Can change the color you want.

Style: modern and high-end style.

Materials: MDF and baking paint. Stainless steel, tempered glass, LOGO.

MOQ: 1 set.

Production time: 18-22 working days. Depending on the quantity.

We are a custom factory, and our jewelry display cabinets can be customized according to your requirements. Including color, material, logo, style and size, etc. And we can also provide the floor, if you want your kiosk more unique, you can replace the floor. There are many styles of floor, we can make the suitable floor according to your size. You need to tell us at the beginning so that we can add in the design and show you.

Commercial jewelry display kiosk 3D design service

Design is our first step. When you get the size from the mall, we should do the whole kiosk design. This is very necessary. Because everyone gets different sizes in the mall and has different ideas, we don’t have the same design. And the mall center will also ask you submit the design for approval. So we suggest to do the design based on the size and your requirements.

Our design time is 2 working days. Before designing, we need to charge a design deposit of $300, and we will deduct it from the order price. When we get your deposit, our designers will hold a group meeting to make a design plan, and more than 4 designers will work together to complete the design to ensure that the design is perfect.

When the designer is finished, we will send you the design for confirmation, and you can add new ideas based on your ideas. When you check the final design, you can submit it to the mall for approval. If the mall has any comments, we will help you modify it and let you pass as soon as possible.

Unique Display Ltd was established in 2006 and is located in Shenzhen, China. We have our own factory and design team. From design to delivery, we can help you complete a perfect project. We can give you exquisite designs, high-quality products and good prices. If you already get the space and have design ideas, please contact us, we are ready!

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