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shoe shop decoration

Are you looking for a unique shoe store design for your business plan? Shoes have great market prospects in the world. It’s a great time to open a shoe shop in the shopping center. Because everyone wears shoes, and people want to buy more personalized shoes. Attractive shoe store decoration can help us start the business smoothly.

Shoe store design in the mall

The design of the shoe store furniture includes display counters, wall cabinets, lighting decorations, and sales window displays. We should use decoration suitable for the product. Only in this way can you enter the store to buy.

Shoe store layout

The shoe store size is about 4m by 5m, a very common shop size in the shopping center. We can see there is a squared display cabinet in the center, use as a display showcase for shoes. Closed to the entrance door is a seating bench for clients to try on shoes. The mirror is on the bottom of the wall display shelf. While the glass window also has the same center display counter. People passing by can clearly skim the store display and products here. So, we can put attractive items here.

Shoe shop design

Decoration idea

One of the walls of this writing shop is used to place the logo, and it is decorated with gray folds. It looks very high-end and peculiar. Besides, there is a wall shelf display for more shoe display. On the wall facing the window, there are wall cabinets of different shapes. It can not only be used to place books and other ornaments but also allows the store to stand out. In front of it is a reception desk with a POS system. We can also set a display cabinet here to increase the display showcase area.

Material description

Main material: MDF and plywood

Surface material: Baking paint and solid wood panel

Other material: 8mm tempered glass, stainless steel, spotlight, etc.

We can also use the required materials to make the shoe shop furniture.

Shoe shop design steps:

Shoe store display

Business begins with renting a shop in the shopping center. Usually, the shopping center has requirements about shop decoration. Therefore, the shop owner must meet with the mall manager and agree on the renovation details. It’s better to make a 3D design drawing, so both of you can see how it will look like. Here is the design step sharing with you.

First, tell the designer about decoration details.

We should tell the design of the shop size, material, layout, and mall rules to the designer. As they can make shoe shop design to meet the demands. They will make it good-looking and convenient to use.

Second, create a shoe shop design model.

The design time needs about 3-5 workdays. Because the design team has to discuss and find a good decoration solution for your shop. And when it is finished, they have to check many times before sending it.

Third, check the shoe store furniture design.

What we should do is to check the design pictures. And if there are any new ideas, they can modify and update the design picture soon. It’s a good idea to send the design to the mall manager. When there are any requirements, we can also change them immediately.

Fourth, confirm it as the final design.

Since everything is good and we like the design, we can confirm it as the final design to follow. That is the real look of shoe shop design with furniture.

Finally, make the construction drawing.

Construction drawings show how the furniture being built. The construction drawing shows all the details that we can also submit to the manager for approval.

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