Modern shoes display shelf fashion shoe shop interior decoration

A shoe shop is a place for young friends to pursue fashionable shoes. There are shoes for every man, woman and child. How to let shoe shop change personality, attract more people patronize? What skills do shoe shop decoration design need? What are the styles of shoe shop decoration? Let’s talk about some ideas about shoe shop design.



First of all, we need to pay attention to the space layout of shoe stores. We’d better set up the shelves on both sides of the shop with walking space in the middle. The walking channel is divided into the main channel and the secondary channel. Meanwhile, the main channel width shall not be less than 120 cm, the secondary channel width shall not be less than 80 cm. The image background wall and cash register face the main entrance.


When we decorate the color of the shoe shop, the characteristics of shoes and decoration color harmony, let a person can see the main tone of your store. The main color of this shoe store is white color. Also, match the glossy gold stainless steel color and pattern decoration.


Actually, there are many styles for the shoe shop. Such as modern style, simple, high-end style, and elegant style. We have a design team that can make a new and unique shoe store design for you. Please send the shop size and your favorite style to us. Our designer will make the 3D design with your idea and make it exactly what you want.

To start a business is not easy, need to step by step. So if you need any help, we are very pleased to help you. Please feel free to contact us at email: Thank you!

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