Here is a creative cell phone cover kiosk share with you. It mainly uses to display phone cases, phone accessories. We can use the phone cover kiosk in the shopping center, mobile phone shops. The mobile phone cover kiosk looks beautiful and convenient to use. Let’s view more details together.

S shape phone booth

Mobile phone cover kiosk design

As we can see in the design picture, the phone kiosk is S shape. It increases the display area and clients can purchase freely on both sides. On one side has a high stand with 2 insert TV players. Next to it is a cashier counter with POS, consumers pay bills here and see video advertising clearly.

In front of the cell phone cabinet, we can see a slat wall display stand with a locked cabinet on the bottom. We can hang on phone cases, phone chargers, and earphones here. Next to it is a curved display shelf with light, we can place phone cases on each layer to show more items. Another curved corner has double side display shelves. Which can help us classify and display mobile phone cases, which is convenient for customers to choose from. The outside display has a slat wall with hooks and the adjacent side is an open display cabinet for large size items. We can also add a brand logo on the top.

phone display

More information

Size: 3.5m*2.5m, or the same as the location you rent

Color: Red and white, or other colors requiring

Body material: MDF

Surface material: High glossy baking paint

Other materials: Stainless steel, light lamp, slat wall, acrylic, etc.

Function: Display showcase phone accessories

Design time: 3-5 days after confirm details

Produce time: 25-28 workdays from order

phone cabinet

Story to get the mobile phone kiosk design

I first meet with the owner because he plans to open a business in the shopping mall. He finds a location and asks us if we can help him build a unique mall kiosk for him. His products are phone covers and phone accessories. I tell him that we are a kiosk factory and can help him customize the mobile phone cover kiosk. Since he has a very urgent time to get it, the manager only gives him 2 months to open. We help him make a 3D design for confirmation. He likes it very much at the first sight and submits it to the mall for approval. At the same time, we make construction drawings for production to save time. 3 days later, he gets feedback from the manager and proceeds. We arrange the order and speed up the production process to catch the deadline. The owner felt very happy to get the beautiful kiosk in time. I am honored to help him open shop in time. However, we recommend leaving enough time for it. In case it needs to be modified, we still have time to deal with it. What is your opinion?

phone kiosk

Steps to make a 3D design

First, discuss design details and get good ideas to start.

Most people want to add new ideas to the phone cover kiosks. And hoping to get a wonderful mall kiosk for business. So we have to sort out the information and confirm good design ideas.

Second, make a 3D design according to the information.

The designer is very professional and creates 3D design models according to design requirements. They will also add new elements to make the phone display cabinet look better and convenient to use.

Third, confirm it as the final design.

Since the design is according to unique ideas, the owner has to check it carefully. If there is no change, it will be the final design drawing.

Finally, complete the construction drawing.

It is the final step of the design part, as construction drawings show details directly. Produce also follow on the construction drawing to get the perfect kiosk as need.

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