Round retail custom free design mall cosmetic kiosk

As we know normally when we go shipping around in the mall . most of the kiosks are Square  or rectangle.

Why there is a few round kiosk displayed .well to be honestly its depends your enough budget .

Because for normal shape kiosk like square or rectangle its cost much competitive than round shape .

While round kiosk as its workmanship and the demand for technology is higher than normal shape.

Well, let see details of below this round cosmetic mall kiosk to all of you.

As we can see this cosmetic kiosk its diameter is 3000 mm which is around 10 ft .material: MDF, glossy white lacquer finish,glossy black lacquer finish,glossy pink lacquer finish,8 mm tempered glass, 10 mm tempered glass, and with hardware (locks and handles).

about  its design on the top of the design there is products show area around …under part there are storage cabinet ,and in the outside which put some 3D logo with products show poster with led lights . and in the middle of the kiosk which display a higher shop name pillar .

If you plan and would like to prefer round shape mall kiosk  how to cooperate with us :

  • contact us , tell us your requirements ( kiosk size , layout , color ,logo etc)
  • pay $300 for 3d design . our designer start design for u .
  • discuss and modify design to meet mall request .
  • finalize design and quote price.
  • agree with price and pay 50% deposit before production .
  • pay balance before shipment .
  • contact us if need after-sale service.
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