Opening a cosmetics kiosk seems to be quite easy, but there are actually a lot of doorways in the real business. In particular, some young people who start their own business. Because their own experience is not very rich and the funds available are not many. So how to use a small capital to open a cosmetics store has attracted the attention of many investors. 

Cosmetic kiosk in the shopping mall

The future development of the sales channels of the cosmetics industry should be the situation in which the specialty stores and large supermarkets are in full swing.

The counters of department stores are high-end routes, attracting some high-consumption groups. And the supermarkets are big and comprehensive development ideas, selling products for profit. The cosmetics kiosk must take differentiated routes in order to operate successfully. It is necessary to have a distinctive business idea, to be small and fine.

Detailed cosmetic kiosk introduction

The size of this cosmetic kiosk is about 3.5 x 3m. On the 3d design of the cosmetic kiosk, we can see it has 3 mirror stations. This area can for you to provide the makeup service and let the customers try the products here.

On the other side, it has a mirror station with a cosmetic display area and 4 stations for makeup. Under the countertop, we have the drawers and cabinets for you to put some storage. On the right side is a display station with acrylic shelves. On each shelf it marked the product name and price then the customer can choose whatever they want.

The quality of the cosmetic kiosk

Usually, for the cosmetic kiosk used in the shopping mall, we will use MDF with baking paint. Our paint is the best quality in Shenzhen and the surface is very smooth and glossy. Under the stainless steel toe kick, it has the white color led strip light and the mirror station has the lights. The white frame on the top is acrylic lighted frame. On the wall of the cosmetic kiosk and the pillars, we make some lighted box for advertising. And we can add your logo on the cosmetic kiosk then the people can know your brand.

We can offer the kiosk floor to you also. On this design of the cosmetic kiosk, the kiosk floor is a black color. On the entrance of the kiosk, it has a slope to tie up a person’s movements and disabled people can also enter. We offer the best quality for the cosmetic kiosk and at a cheap price. For the cosmetic kiosk, when you receive it, you can use it directly with an easy installation.


How to make a customize cosmetic kiosk?

Especially for a high-end and famous cosmetic brand, we need to make a good design for the cosmetic kiosk. Our company can meet all your requirement for the cosmetic kiosk and make it in 3d for you to see the effect. First, if you have your own brand or logo, you can find a location in the shopping mall or any other good location. The location of the cosmetic kiosk is the most important for your business.

After you find out a location, please let us know the size of it. For the customize 3d design of the cosmetic kiosk we will charge a 300$ design deposit. But it will return to you when you order a cosmetic kiosk. Actually, it is a free design service. Our final aim is to produce the cosmetic kiosk exactly what you want and ship it to you. When we receive the design deposit, our designer will make and send the design to you within 2-3 working days.



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