Retro style bread display counter food shop design

With the improvement of living standards, people’s requirements for life are gradually improving. And they are also more particular about food and lodging. Take the bakery shop for an example. It is one of the most common food stores in our daily life.

In fact, a shop decoration style is mainly based on consumer groups to position. Today we want to share a retro style bread food store design with you. Let us see the details together!



The color scheme 

The color scheme of this bread shop is a black color metal frame with a wooden storage cabinet. You can display the bread on the shelf then the customer can choose their favorite. To make a color positioning according to the bakery’s business philosophy and theme style, choose two or three colors as the main color of the store.

Bread shop layout

There are many areas in the bread shop. Such as display area, cashier desk, leisure area, sitting area and baking area. If you want to have a stronger sense of space, it is reasonable to put the display area in the most eye-catching position. And put the leisure area for customers to rest and relax. The cashier is next to the leisure area, which is convenient for charging and promoting new products.


Our design team can make a new and unique style of a bread store. We can make a customize shop design with the size you want. You can send us if you have the floor plan or the shop size. For a customized 3D bread shop design charge a design deposit – 500-1000$.

We will send the 3D shop design to you in 3-5 working days. Please review and then we can make the changes for you if need.

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