Black Marble Texture Food Restaurant Store Design for Sale

food shop counter

Do you plan to open a high-end food restaurant store? It’s never too late to start a food business because poeple like delicious food. No matter what kind of food you plan to sell, this food restaurant store design may help you well. This shop is designed for selling salad, fish, seafood, snacks, and even wines, more like a food supermarket. Let’s view more information together.

Description of food restaurant shop

This restaurant shop furniture mainly uses marble stone and solid wood materials, which create a high-end and luxury feel. You can place counters in a suitable area according to your shop size.

bread display counterService counter

The service counter set at the entrance has a glass display showcase on the top. Inner has a circle-style service counter with a cashier counter. People can purchase bread and food here. The backside has working counters. While the opposite side counters are good to display sushi and another kind of food.

glass display counterWine table

We can see there is a long table in front of the center column. You can place wines on the top for easy purchase. Under the countertop has a plate to show more products.

Center display

There are 2 display shelves inside the restaurant shop. It is in oval shape and has 4 layers on both sides to place beverages, which people can purchase easily. The main color is brown, which matches the shop theme well.

supermarket food storeWall cabinet

Wall cabinets are very important for food shops and supermarkets. Opening shelving of wall cabinets are popular in most food store decoration. You can also add lighting under each helping to increase brilliantly. While the bottom can add cabinets or drawers to store items for sale.

Brand logo and posters

Business names and posters are very important in a food shop. It can guide people to select products. You can also add TV players for video advertising. If you have a clear mind about your shop decoration, please contact us immediately. We can make it to reality.

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