vintage sweet cake shop

This is a vintage sweet cake shop. Like a capsule of time, take you back to the good old days. The decor is full of retro elements. Wooden furniture, warm yellow lighting, appetizing food photos. All create a warm and nostalgic atmosphere. The smell of cake filled the air, making people mouthwatering. Each cake is crafted as if it were a work of art. Not only the appearance is exquisite, but also the taste is delicate and mellow. Here, you can taste the classic taste. You can also find novel combinations of ideas.

Shop introduction

The overall decoration of the shop is a combination of chocolate and coffee colors. Let people just look at the decoration know that this is a dessert shop. The interior decorates with chandeliers and spotlights and some green vegetation. The atmosphere is warm and harmonious, and it is a good place for everyone to relax and dine. The interior of the restaurant has a special dining area. After choosing bread, guests can choose to eat in the restaurant. Or you can take it to go. The dining area is illuminated with warm yellow spotlights and chandeliers. It makes people feel comfortable and relaxed.

More details

The front of the store is installed with high hardness glass. Not only transparent effect is good, and the texture is very hard and safe. Passers-by outside see the decoration style of the store, will be curious about the layout of the store. Thereby increasing the number of customers and the probability of entering the store. All in all, this is a dessert restaurant popular with young people. If you choose this store design, your business must be very hot.

Guests enjoy the delicious food in the restaurant, but also feel the warmth of home. The atmosphere in the store is relaxed and pleasant, and you can’t help but want to stay a little longer and share this sweet beauty with your friends. The design of this cake shop is not only a shop, but also a place to convey warmth and happiness, which makes people linger.

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