Do you want to open an attractive small bakery in the mall? We have a very unique and creative bread kiosk that we would like to introduce to you. When you see the finished product, you will like it very much because it is attractive enough.

Introduction to the Creative Bread station

This is a small dessert station with a roof mainly used indoors. The top design is simple and stylish. The roof is about 1 meter high, and we can hang the logo on the roof of the bread pavilion in all directions. To create an eye-catching effect, so that people can see the bakery brand at a glance. The surface of the roof is painted with a complex wood grain color. It looks like sheeting, but it’s actually painted with baking paint. Logo and wood grain color difference is very obvious sky blue, giving a visual difference. Because the roof has enough width and height. So we can also put pictures of dessert bread on it. Let distant customers see the bread related pictures to know that this is a bread station.Clink here to learn more about bread station.

More information about bread station

The kiosk size can modify according to customer requirements. The bread station in the picture is actually a square. The bread kiosk is mainly using in wood grain and sky blue two colors, looking simple and fashionable. Any details of the shape of the product,which can customize according to customer needs. A row of clear glass display cases built on the front of the bread station. Cake models and finished bread can be placed inside for customers to refer to. Glass can choose clear glass, because it is clear enough, but also has a strong hardness. You don’t need to worry about breakage. In front of the bread station, designed a digital sign . It can show the bread types and prices.

In short, we are a custom furniture factory. Including the whole process of design and production, you want we can meet. Whatever you need, just let us know. We can all show it to you in the design. So what are we waiting for? Join the queue to order this unique and engaging bakery! We look forward to your contact.

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