Jewelry has been popular with people since ancient present,the jewelry industry is also highly competitive.

Do you going to open a jewelry store. here let Shenzhen Unique Furniture factory introduce some advice to you below :

Firstly,To raise funds. The amount of money needed to open a jewelry store is relatively large. In the early stage, you need to prepare sufficient funds. You can borrow money from relatives and friends and get enough funds.

Secondly,Determine the location. Jewelry stores need to be opened in a large traffic area, usually on the first floor of the mall or on the commercial street, we need to check the prosperity of the lot and determine the location of the store.

Thirdly,Decorating the shop. Jewelry shop decoration needs to reflect the luxury, extravagant characteristics, need to ask professional designers to design, if it is a franchise store, it may be a lot of worry.

Fourthly,Determine the source of supply. Jewelry is good, other goods are also very important, we need to inspect some companies, find a more popular source of supply channels, determine the main products.

Finally is sincere service. The product is well determined, looking for a good source of customers, the rest is the service, after all, is a high-end goods, need to do a good customer service, regardless of whether the customer buys, all need equal service, tap new customers, retain old customers.

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