Retail Flower Kiosk Luxury Bountique Display Cabinet in Mall

flower kiosk

Are you looking for a nice mall retail kiosk in the shopping center? A mall retail kiosk is a good way to promoting your brand and better show your kiosk. You can sell flowers, green plants sewing machines, retail goods, cups, and other goods here. Today, here is a nice design sharing with you.

3D design mall retail kiosk

This location size is 3m by 3m, includes a display showcase area, display shelves, brand sign, and lightbox painting, etc. The main color is a white color with black color decoration. It also has flooring light and also adds a light lamp on each shelf for brilliant.

mall displayMall flower kiosk introduction

Front side

From the front view, we can see there are 3-layers of the stairs display shelf, it is good to place potted plants. Each layer has a space under the shelf, a light lamp add here to increase light. The top counter has a high display stand, which mainly uses to show brans signs and lightbox painting, the TV stand can also insert here for advertising.

flower kioskSide view

There are wall display shelves with plates on the wall, the plate has different levels. And can show the items in a good way.

The corner has opened display shelves to increase the showcase area. Clients can also purchase their favorite items easily. There is a light lamp under the shelves to makes the goods look better. We can also make it with a round corner for good looking

Back view

The backside has a slat wall display with hooks, phone covers, boutique items, or other goods that can hang here. We can also add a storage cabinet and drawers inside the kiosk for better usage. All the drawers and cabinets have locks, which are safe to use and can close well at night.

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