Attractive Flower Kiosk Gift Shop Design For Flower Sale

When you see this kiosk, do you feel surprised by its design? Do you want to buy flowers from here? Do you intend to open a gift shop or flower shop?   If you have any idea of a gift shop kiosk, let’s have an eye feast from this attractive flower kiosk!


We can see many flower shops or flower kiosks, the flower is a kind of gift, but almost no flower shop can have a gift design. This kiosk has a unique and beautiful shape. It is very very different.

The beautiful design of the flower kiosk

We can clearly see the funny bow tie design on the top, and a bit transparent counter body design. There are three layers for you to put the flowerpot so that your item is not only for dry flowers, flowerpots can cultivate live flowers. When talking to the below layer, we can see many bags packed in dry rose flowers. You can sell a single flower to a customer. The kiosk has two sides for the show,people can see your product from several sides. At the same time, we can see the brand letter and logo on it, and the drawer for receiving money.

flower kiosk

The detailed description of the flower kiosk

The counter body material is MDF with baking paint, the logo is the metal logo. And the base foot is stainless steel, flowerpot’s material is ceramics. Other accessories include a socket and led strip light.

flower kiosk

Unique is a professional retail customize kiosk manufacturer in china.  On one side, our retail counter has customized door configuration, size, and finish to suit any floor plan. On the other side, we provide unique modern 3D rendering designs and detailed CAD drawings for mall approval.  All of our display kiosks we design exactly follow the mall criteria and vendors’ requirements. So you can custom make all details of kiosk including color, material, logo, dimension…

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