Fashion style shopping mall flower kiosk retail mall booth design

Whether you’re celebrating a marriage or the start of a relationship. Whether it’s a 10-year or a one-year anniversary, flowers are an important part of most celebrations. Send your lover roses, the traditional flower of love, or mix in other flowers to celebrate your time together.

Whether your loved ones are celebrating their high school, or college. Or graduate school graduation, flowers are the perfect way to say congratulations. Send a bouquet of flowers to your sweetheart so she can appreciate the beauty you bring to her on graduation day. This is a fashion style shopping mall flower kiosk retail mall booth design here we look at the details of it.



This is a flower kiosk for the shopping mall to sell different kinds of flowers. On the front side is the display stand for the flowers. And an L shape counter for the cashier reception counter. On the back side of the flower kiosk is the feature wall with the grass decoration and a 3d lighted logo.

The front of the L shape cashier reception counter has the logo as well. On the top has the ceiling lights. We can use warm white color lights for a warm atmosphere.



We can make a new flower kiosk customized to your need. Please kindly send us the size, the logo and any other requirements for the flower kiosk. Our designer will make a new 3d flower kiosk model for you. The layout of the flower kiosk you can discuss with us.

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