Red Eyebrow Threading Kiosk Beauty Salon Brow Bar Counter in the UK

eyebrow theading kioskEyebrow threading kiosk is a service studio in the shopping mall. It is a good place to do eyebrow threading service. We can also view the eyebrow threading kiosk as an advertising station. It can also leave a good and deep impression on people. No matter when you need a customize eyebrow threading kiosk, this brow bar helps you better.

 Red eyebrow threading kiosk for sale

Eyebrow threading kiosk has a working station with mirrors, people do eyebrow threading service here. Other necessary items are the cashier counter, storage cabinets, decoration wall, and band imagine.

Working station:

This eyebrow threading kiosk allows 2 customers to receive service together. Eyebrow station has LED mirror for brilliant. The counter table to place necessary tools and products. Under the table are a storage cabinet and drawer

eyebrow threading stationCashier counter:

The cashier counter mainly uses to check bills. We can add menus here, therefore, clients can choose the eyebrow service affordably. The brand logo is also set in front of it to let people see it directly.

Decoration wall:

We can see there are two walls has round shape decoration. It is a good place to show more logos, posters, and video advertising. We can also use different colors to makes the eyebrow threading kiosk looks better


brow bar ocunterDetails of eyebrow threading kiosk

Size: 3m by 2m. It can make customize sizes according to the location size.

Color: Red and black color. We can also make it to other colors. Just let us know what color you like, the designer will help you add to the suitable area.

Material: Basic material is MDF with glossy baking paint. Stainless steel kicking to protect the eyebrow threading kiosk. Acrylic logo with a brilliant light to catch attention.

Design idea: Based on the owners’ requirements and meet the mall rules.

Design time: 3-5 workdays

Produce time: 28-30 workdays

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